Submission Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in Creative Distance! We’re thrilled that you want to play with us. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses so we would like to refine the criteria for submission and give you a bit more detail about what we’re after.

Who can apply?

Any individual or organisation working professionally in the performing arts. 

What kind of work are you after?

We will prioritise the following: 

· Work made for the occasion and that is a digitally creative response to the current situation and is creative with the tools we are left with. It can be a live concert in your living room, an interactive storytelling using the comment box for suggestions, a rendition of The Seagull on Twitter, etc. 

· Work that is interactive and engages our digital audience in a different way. It might be just using the comment box in your live stream, maybe you’re scheduling a 5 min poetry reading on the phone, may be the audience needs to solve a puzzle to access the next stage, etc. 

As a general rule we probably won’t show recordings of rehearsals or performance shot for documentation unless it has particular significance or has been adapted creatively for an online audience.

At this time, we aren’t looking for online classes as we feel there are already many great online offer

Are you only after work for adults?

No, we would love to have work for young audiences too, make sure you specify a particular age range.

Does it have to be a certain length?

It should be the right length for what it is. It can be 5 mins or 25 mins, or 5 hours or a durational work across different digital platforms, that lasts a few days or even the whole month so long as that length is what makes it work best.

How are you broadcasting?

We will be using regular social media platforms, and live streaming, as well as digital conferencing tools. Feel free to let us know whether you have one in mind for your work or that’s a conversation we can have.

How does the money work?

All money raised will be by donation from the audience, who will pay what they decide, via a donation button on the website and on social media platforms. 

At the end of the festival, all money ‘the pot’ will be divided equally amongst the participants on a profit share basis. A contract and agreement will be set once your submission is successfully accepted.

Example: If the festival makes £1000 and 10 people have participated in videos, each of them will receive an equal split of the money after producing costs are paid (website costs, donation charges and a minimal amount of admin) – if the producing costs were £200, each of the 10 people would get £80.

Why should I show my work at Creative Distance Festival rather than just on my website?

Because we’re stronger together and by joining forces we will share audiences. Our mums in Kent can see your work, your cousin in Germany can see ours and their friends all round the world can pop in to the festival on their recommendation and watch everything on offer.

How do I apply?

Email us your application at: (no more than an A4)

Or if you’d rather film yourself answering the same questions, that’s fine too.

What about Copyright laws?

We expect you to have permission from all the artists/people involved (writers, performers, songwriters, musicians, choreographers) before you submit a piece for consideration and the responsibility for those permissions lies with you. If someone approaches us and says they have not given permission and you do not have documentation to say otherwise, we will immediately remove the content.